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Welcome - Caledon Alpine Section

Dear Member Skiers & Snowboarders,

Three generations of skiers and boarders have made Caledon Ski Club their winter playground.  We have the terrain, the facilities and the instruction to suit every member of your family, whether you are sliding the slopes together, or each doing your own thing.

Caledon members have access to some of Canada's best instructors and coaches.  We offer expert training in both downhill skiing and snow boarding.  Even the most seasoned family member can pick up a new skill or improve a technique that will add enjoyment to their day at the club.

Professional instruction is tailored to all age groups with full racing programs available from youth to adult.  Caledon has produced some great racers who have made their mark nationally and internationally.


Our goal is to have the finest Alpine Development Programs in Ontario.  In executing this goal, our philosophy is to offer our members the most enjoyable and effective programs to meet and exceed their needs.  We will develop, support and deliver programs that: 

  • Encourage broad-based participation
  • Encourage personal growth and develop individual potential
  • Facilitate athlete progress to higher levels of competition

Please see "Related Resources" on the right for important program dates and information.

We sincerely hope that you and your family will join us in programs this winter. Together we can have a great season!

If you are interested in becoming a certified instructor or coach go to

If you are interested in increasing your certification levels, Jesse Druxerman provides some insight to success. Information in this article can be applied to a wide variety of things when a person is required to prepare for and take an examination.

Course Prep by Jesse Druxerman


There are elements of risk that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Regardless of how you decide to use the slopes, always show courtesy to others. Please adhere to the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a great outdoor experience.

1.  Always stay in control. You must be able to stop, or avoid other people or objects.
2.  People ahead of you have the right-of-way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
3.  Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
4.  Before starting downhill or merging onto a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
5.  If you are involved in or witness a collision or accident, you must remain at the scene and identify yourself to the Ski Patrol.
6.  Always use proper devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
7.  Observe and obey all posted signs warnings.
8.  Keep off closed trails and closed areas.
9.  You must not use lifts or terrain if your ability is impaired through use of alcohol or drugs.
10. You must have sufficient physical dexterity, ability and knowledge to safely load, ride and unload lifts. If in doubt, ask the lift attendant.

Know the Code - Be Safety Conscious.

Helmet Policy Statement

It is mandatory that all Caledon Ski Club Skiers, and Snowboarders - while participating in a race program either at Caledon Ski Club or off-premises - shall wear a helmet. The helmet shall be worn at all times during training, gates and races. The helmets are to be recognized as ski or snowboarding helmets, and must be properly fitted. It is strongly recommended that all participants using the Terrain Park and Half Pipe wear a helmet. Those participating in Terrain Park programs must complete the Park Ride Certification seminar and test. The policy is subject to change. Please consult the Caledon Ski club website for the latest version of the policy. 




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